Publication of two articles describing PEACCELs’ proprietary innov’SAR technology and its successful application in the improvement of an industrial enzyme

23 November 2018

PEACCEL  announced the publication of a two research articles describing PEACCELs’ proprietary innov’SAR technology and its application in the improvement of enzymes. The first article with the title “Application of fourier transform and proteochemometrics principles to protein engineering” was published in BMC Bioinformatics. The second article entitled “A machine learning approach for reliable prediction of amino acid interactions and its application in the directed evolution of enantioselective enzymes” was published in Scientific Reports, a Nature Publishing Group journal,

The first article describes PEACCELs’ algorithm innov’SAR and its capacity to describe and to model properties of different proteins ranging from peptides to enzymes and receptors. The second article which was done in collaboration with the research group of Manfred Reetz, one of the leading scientists in the field of enzyme evolution illustrates the successful application of innov’SAR for the accurate prediction of improved epoxide hydrolases.

“With these publications we have achieved a further key milestone in our company development as we could successfully demonstrate the power of our innov’SAR technology to predict improved protein properties and to reduce time consuming and expensive laboratory testing. As shown in the articles innov’SAR could capture additive as well as epistatic effects of mutations and therefore obtained highly accurate predictions of their combined activities. Based on the precise innov’SAR models we could predict improved variants of an enzyme of industrial interest. The testing of a very limited number of variants (<10) resulted in the identification of several mutans with improved properties. The collaboration with M. Reetz gave us the opportunity not only to have a very critical outside opinion on our technology but also to perform a proof of concept study to demonstrate that innov’SAR can also further optimize already highly improved enzymes” commented Rudy Pandjaitan head of business development.