Time, costs, quality and associated risks are the main drivers in this industry to develop therapeutic drugs and medical devices. In Research & Development, the main goals are to demonstrate the safety and efficacy in addition to quality. The current three pillars are in vitro or ex vivo models, in vivo in animals and finally clinical trials in humans. In addition to these, modelisation and simulation in silico could be considered as pillar number 4. This is for instance what the Food and Drug Administration– FDA in the USA has been favoring since 2017.
PEACCEL’s strategy is totally aligned with this shift of paradigm in the Life Sciences industry.

PEACCEL has the ambition to be a major player in this field to support companies to accelerate drug discovery and development, decrease associated costs and risks without jeopardizing the quality of the programs.
In addition to our unique and innovative technology / platform, PEACCEL is composed of an agile and focused team. A lean organizational structure allows us to be close to our clients and very reactive to deliver high quality results within allocated budget and timelines.
PEACCEL staff is composed of experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, statistics, mathematics, biology, bioinformatics, structural biocomputing, business development, pharma/ biotech / medtech space and management.