PEACCEL at glance

February 25th, 2024

Making the world
disease free

We find the real drug
lead candidate by
capturing the synergistic effect of
mutations (epistasis)

We have developed the
innov’SAR AI platform 
for our partners.

What makes PEACCEL different is that it can produce massive amounts of synthetic data to train its ML/DL platform. Other companies have taken the shortcut of relying on existing datasets which are often messy and of low quality.
The innov’SAR core approach is interpolative, extrapolative and predicts out-of-the-box, not found in other state-of-the-art ML / DL. It can screen 1 Billion mutants per day.
PEACCEL is definitely the only company capable of fully capturing epistasis and predicting outside-the-box, we are ahead of competition especially in terms of “hit rate”.

PEACCEL's world-class
Data Scientists in Life Sciences



Patent on proprietary molecules
Awards Winner in Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences


Second technology patent by EPO
Contracts with key players in chemical industry
Graphmut launch
innov'SAR platform assembled for Protein Engineering for Drugs - Fixed Drugs Combinations (FDCs)


€2m competitive EU funds
AutomISAR launch
First contracts with key pharmaceuticals companies


innov’SAR core launch
First technology patent delivered by EPO
Presence in Boston, MA, USA
Contract with FDA (USA)
Acquisition of a supercomputer : screening capacity >1Billion mutants/day


€1m seed money
Paris office, France

Industrial Fields:
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry

PEACCEL is built around the 6 pillars - P6 - :

Platform | Publications | Patents | Partnership | Products | People

We have developped the "innov'SAR" PLAFTORM, including 4 modules :
innov'SAR core
RAS module
15 PUBLICATIONS in peer reviewed journals in less than 2 years
Strong worldwide PATENTS on technology using FFT, with more to come
Robust PARTNERSHIPS with top notch KOLs worldwide
Focus on high value PRODUCTS
Highly skilled PEOPLE in high tech fields

PEACCEL is managed by a seasoned multinational team accumulating scientific, business and management experienced in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
The company operates in Paris (France) and Cambridge (MA, USA).