Unlocking the Future of Pharma: PEACCEL’s Breakthrough AI Platform for Biologics Wins French DeepTech Label.

29 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce that PEACCEL has been awarded the prestigious French DeepTech label by BPI France, the public investment bank dedicated to innovation. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of biotechnology with our groundbreaking AI discovery platform for Biologics.

🔍 Our Platform’s Impact:

PEACCEL’s AI-driven platform is transforming the pharmaceutical industry by enabling access to previously inaccessible spaces for drug discovery. Our technology makes it possible to identify novel, life-changing drugs by replicating processes that occur in nature only 1% of the time. This opens up new horizons in the quest for groundbreaking treatments.

🏅 About the French DeepTech Label:

The DeepTech label from BPI France is reserved for companies that demonstrate strong growth potential and possess disruptive technologies. To be recognized, a company must innovate by overcoming technological barriers and present a significantly differentiating advantage over competitors.

For more information:

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