PEACCEL and SYNTHELIS have signed a strategic partnership to increase the chances of success of your drugs

12 May 2022

PEACCEL and SYNTHELIS have signed a strategic partnership to offer their clients and partners a one-stop shop combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cell-Free lead expression for accelerated drug discovery.

As of 12th April 2022, PEACCEL and SYNTHELIS combine their know-how and thus capitalize on their respective technologies in developing a joint offer, to respond to the needs of
their customers and partners. This joint offer combines the innov’SAR industrial AI platform developed by PEACCEL and the cell-free expression technology and expertise provided

Bruno Tillier, CEO of Synthelis underlines : « This offer brings together the cutting-edge expertise of two recognized players in their respective domains: SYNTHELIS, for its expertise in biologic expression based on cell-free technology, and PEACCEL, for its expertise in artificial intelligence in the field of Drug Discovery. »

PEACCEL will provide a data-centric approach to AI-based drug discovery for all possible protein mutations, as well as the selection of lead drug candidates from billions of
molecules. Then, SYNTHELIS will ensure, in a high throughput manner, the cell-free production of the mutants generated by PEACCEL, as well as the characterization of interactions or activities. SYNTHELIS’ cell-free technology will thus ensure the possibility of expressing the largest number of mutants to avoid missing out any good candidates.

Gerry Ah Hee Ayan, CEO of PEACCEL, states : « Our proprietary innov’SAR platform finds the true lead drug candidate by capturing the synergistic effect of mutations (epistasis),
which is not found in other state-of-the-art Machine Learning or Deep Learning approaches. It is an industry-proven protein evolution tool, successfully applied in numerous
collaborations to optimize biologics. »

This combined approach will increase the chances of success of drugs, drastically accelerate the drug development process and reduce associated costs and risks for customers
and partners.

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