About Us


Bridging AI and Life Sciences to open new horizons.
We challenge the status quo and we have the ambition to shift the paradigm in AI.
We think differently and tackle significant unmet societal needs.


The way we change the status quo is by making our tool beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.
We have in place an expert, agile and focused team.


We have developed the “innov’SAR platform” for you, supported by an exceptionally skilled team.

What makes PEACCEL different is that it can produce massive amounts of new data to train its ML/DL platform.
Other companies have taken the shortcut of relying on existing datasets which are often messy and of low quality.
There are very few companies in the field which are able to bridge both worlds, AI and Life Sciences.

PEACCEL is choosing projects that tackle significant societal problems.
PEACCEL’s strategy is to match AI technology development with unmeet market needs.
As to what sort of unmet needs, PEACCEL develop a “platform technology”, that is a group of technologies that, working together, can be used to solve numerous important problems, rather than a “single-shot product”.

PEACCEL is built around the 6 pillars – P6 – for success :
  • We have developed the “innov’SAR” PLATFORM, including 4 modules :
1- innov’SAR core : For the optimization of polypeptides (peptides, proteins, enzymes, antibodies, VHHs) and metabolic or signaling pathways
2- RAS module : For evaluating combination of Drugs (FDCs) in various diseases
3- automlSAR : this tool tests in parallel >135 algorithms, is agnostic with respect to the data set and can be combined with innov’SAR core & RAS module
4- GraphMut : Graph-based visualization tool of relations between the mutations of protein sequence variants and activity variations
  • 15 PUBLICATIONS in peer reviewed journals in less than 2 years
  • PATENTS (including 2 on our technology)
  • Robust PARTNERSHIPS with top notch KOLs worldwide
  • Focus on high value PRODUCTS
  • Highly skilled PEOPLE in high tech fields

PEACCEL is managed by a seasoned multi national team accumulating scientific and business experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The company operates in Paris (France) and Cambridge (MA, USA).


Creation Date: 2011
Chief Executive Officer : Laurent Contaut
Industrial Field : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Green Chemistry