About Us

PEACCEL applies its machine learning expertise for protein and metabolic pathway optimisation. Its unique expertise and proprietary innov’SAR rational screening and discovery platform is an industry proven tool which enables the rapid identification and efficient selection of improved protein variants. The capacity of the innov’SAR algorithms to predict protein improvements replaces extensive wet lab mutation/screening cycles (expression and testing of protein mutants, development of high throughput test assays, etc.). Hence, our technology allows to  reduce cost, time and risks associated with the discovery and engineering of proteins such as industrial enzymes, antibodies or even entire synthetic pathways.

The PEACCEL team offers its highly innovative predictive product discovery platform to biotech & pharmaceutical companies in need to find solutions to the increasing demand for improved and sustainable products (therapeutic proteins, industrial enzymes) PEACCEL also collaborates with leading academic researchers working on key scientific issues. PEACCEL is currently also developing its first proprietary proteins in the field of biocatalysis and synthetic biology which it will co-develop to market with industrial partners.

PEACCEL is managed by a seasoned multi national team accumulating scientific and business experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The company operates in Paris, Reunion (France), and Cambridge (MA, USA).


Creation Date: 2011
Chief Executive Officer : Khadidja Romari
Staff: 6 persons
Industrial Field : Bioinformatics