Rudy Pandjaitan

Rudy has more than 25 years experience in academic and industrial R&D. He obtained his Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria . Rudy then worked as research assistant at the Curie Institut in Paris, France. He acquired additional knowledge in economy, finance and marketing at the renown ESSEC business school. Rudy worked in different biotech companies specialized in protein optimisation. In these companies he assumed different C-level positions and contributed to the growth and strategic development of these companies. He developed several enzymes to market and also initiated and supervised the development of multi enzymatic metabolic pathways for the production of food and flavor molecules. He also was responsible for the marketing of innovative technologies either as service for fee or in co-development projects as well as for the commercialisation of internally developed products e.g. state of the art enzymes for green chemistry and API synthesis. Rudy has acquired a large knowledge of all key aspects of biotechnology ranging from R&D, product marketing, strategic and financial planning, fund raising as well as IP.