How To Work With Us

A typical project with PEACCEL will start with the reception and evaluation of the data/training set. These data will be normally provided by the customer (list of sequences + experimental values). The data/training set will undergo an internal quality control to check important issues for our modeling (how many times were the proteins tested: duplicata, triplicata, what is the standard deviation, were the proteins purified, etc.). Once the quality control has been positively performed the training set will be « fed » to our algorithm. innov’SAR will develop a model describing the correlation between sequences and experimental/measured values. This step will take 2-3 weeks. The resulting model will undergo a rigorous quality control applying all necessary statistical controls. In addition we propose to our customer to perform a blind test i.e. to calculate the values of sequences that were tested but not disclosed by the client. If the statistical controls and the blind test are successful the model is considered to be efficient.

In a next step, PEACCEL will perform the rational screening. The algorithm will identify all variants that are better than the best mutant of the training set. In a final step the identified variants will be analysed with conventional structural and physicochemical tools (such as Rosetta) to exclude variants that are not expressible. The client will receive a list of the improved sequences and their predicted values.

In general the mutants are then expressed and tested by the customer. However, if demanded PEACCEL can also perform the wet lab testing. We have collaboration partners which cover the whole value chain for protein expression and testing (cloning, expression in different expression systems : cell free, bacterial, yeast, mammalian, assay development, screening) that can perform the wet lab experiments. Finally if needed we can also perform an evaluation of IP issues (freedom to operate, patentability). Hence, PEACCEL is a one-stop shop for protein evolution. If you are interested to learn more about our company and its services please contact us via the contact form.